Healthy Foods To Boost Libido

Libido is a term you most often use to refer to the degree and frequency of your sexual desire. Although in most cases you talk about the male libido, you must clarify that there is also a female sex drive. In both cases, it can be low or high. As you can guess, not only people of active age but also those after 50 years do the impossible to increase libido.

One thing to note, though is that synthetic stimulants from loud commercials aren’t the best aphrodisiacs you could ever use. The truth is that although they sometimes have an effect, it will be temporary and accompanied by a number of complications and problems for your health. A much better option for boosting your libido is super kamagra or natural remedies in the form of herbal supplements.

Boosting libido with food

In fact, with a diet, you can achieve an increase in your libido. You should know, however, that you should expect real results after a month, two, and sometimes more. Even if the effect comes relatively slowly, it is much more advisable than chemical formulas.  Most often, these chemical formulas slow down the heart and damage the liver.

super kamagra

The main aphrodisiacs from your table

Fish – is a much better option than meat when it comes to increasing sexual desires.

Watermelon – it is defined as the “natural Viagra”, which, among other things, is also tasty and useful.

Pine nuts – have an anti-inflammatory effect on the reproductive system and at the same time significantly increase sexual drive.

Dark chocolate – may not be related to your sex hormones, but it deals with the stress hormone cortisol. It also increases the production of endorphins, which accelerates the appearance of sexual desire and erection in men.

Asparagus – have useful vitamins and minerals for the male and female reproductive system.

Honey – some species have been shown to significantly increase sex drive and regulate sex hormones in both sexes.

Almost any type of grape – in 2008, it was even shown to protect against prostate problems in men and can increase natural testosterone production.

For a permanent increase in your sex drive

It is strongly recommended that you rely on a quality nutritional diet and herbal supplements. In addition, lead an active lifestyle, as well as stop harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse, as they significantly unbalance male and female hormones.