Understand How Growth Hormone Supplements Work as Treatments

Some medical practitioners recommend human growth hormone (HGH) therapy to children with serious growth hormone deficiency that is causing poor bone development. However, not all HGH preparations should be taken as a cure-all for bone health problems as in the cases of aging adults. That is because growth hormones naturally diminish as people age, which normally causes bone-density loss in older people.

Growth hormones are only one of several peptide hormones released by the pituitary gland to help the body organs function during metabolism. Some will produce chemicals to help the digestive system breakdown food into nutrients. Some others help tissues boost nutrient absorption in cells.

As peptide hormones, growth hormones send signals to the liver to release a type of anabolic hormone called Insulin-Like Factor 1 or IGF 1. However, further studies also revealed that growth hormone deficiency in children is caused by a non-cancerous or benign tumor in the pituitary gland.

Science researchers categorize IGF 1 as an anabolic hormone because it acts as a stimulating agent to promote interactions and biological synthesis between nutrients. In which case, an IGF 1 anabolic hormone therapy promotes not only muscle mass build up but also bone mineralization that helps in bone formation.

How Does GH Therapy Work to Promote Bone Development in GH-Deficient Children

Physicians supervise GH therapy that directly addresses the production of IGF 1, to promote bone elongation and formation in children. Through daily injections of short term synthetic GH formulation, the body will increase the release of osteoblasts (special bone cells) and the occurrence of osteoclast or bone reabsorption. Still, records show that it takes about six months for the hormone therapy to take effect and about one year before marked improvements in bone elongation and formation can be seen.

The use of growth hormones as therapy for adults looking to increase muscle mass and to improve bone density should not be without medical supervision. Improper administration of GH supplements can result in abnormal bone development known as acromegaly.

Acromegaly is a condition in which the over production of growth hormone will produce abnormal levels of osteoblasts. If so, it will cause abnormal growth of bones in the face, hands and feet.

Quality of HGH Supplement is Also Important

While there is widespread proliferation of growth hormone injectables across the globe, users should have awareness that not all GH manufacturers invest in state of the art equipment. Developing the right formulation for the right medical purpose requires the most advanced technologies. That is why HGHLager gives caution to users that it is also important to consider quality and not just the price of synthetic HGH supplements. Moreover, know what brands work through user reviews and feedback.