Dental Implants In Old Age

Even in old age, a dental implant can be an attractive alternative to a dental prosthesis. This can significantly improve the quality of life of the patient. However, patients of a certain age may wonder whether they are too old to have a dental implant. The good news is that a dental implant is generally just as effective and durable in older patients as it is in younger patients. Indeed, dental implants can significantly improve the quality of life of older patients. It can give you more confidence and improve your physical and mental health.

A dental implant offers these advantages in old age

As you typically live longer and healthier lives today, it is not uncommon for more and more people to reach the age of 85 or 90. During this time, many people lose their teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease. They are given partial or full dentures, which often cause further bone and tooth loss. Dentures in the form of dentures are often annoying and when they come off the gums become sore or eating becomes very difficult. Dental implants dramatically improve the quality of life of older patients by allowing them to eat better. They can better nourish themselves, stay socially involved, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

With what success rate do dental implants heal in old age?

Dental implants can be just as effective in older people aged 85 or 90 and heal with a similar success rate as they can in younger patients. Therefore, dentists usually recommend a dental implant instead of dentures, even in older patients. When evaluating older patients for the possibility of receiving dental implants, your dentist will consider factors such as their general health, oral health, bone health, and certain medications taken.

All of these factors can affect the rate of healing in young patients as well as in elderly patients. Dental implants tend to heal a little more slowly in older people than in younger patients. Highly qualified dentists ensure that the process is as gentle as possible. They also tell you the dental implants cost during the consultation.