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Dietary supplements are useful when the right nutrients you take the right amounts at the right time. For example, if you are a smoker, you must be careful with beta-carotene. The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, iron or selenium also require a certain degree of caution. The right dosage is important as much does not help much.

Dietary supplements in Walnut CrossFit: Points to be aware of

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Dietary supplements are foods. They are only intended to fill in the gaps that, for example, the lack of dairy products leaves in the diet. Since they only cover a few of the components of normal food, you cannot use dietary supplements in Walnut CrossFit as a substitute for a healthy diet.

When you have a real nutritional deficiency, you need a medicine. The doctor prescribes this.

If you have a special nutritional requirement due to an illness, there are so-called dietary foods for this purpose. You can use them for diet management of a disease.

Dietary supplements in Walnut CrossFit: Who will help you with your decision?

If you are of the opinion that you need a nutritional supplement, it is best to speak to a nutritionist, your doctor or specialist pharmacist. You can find tips for a better eating plan. They can also give recommendations for one or more nutrients and for the correct dosage. The main thing is that the product is easy to dose. Beware of unqualified “consultants” who primarily want to sell their products.

Dietary supplements in Walnut CrossFit: Which dosage is the right one?

Since the intention of food supplements are to supplement normal nutrition, no large quantities or even products with “high doses” are required. All products must indicate what percentage of the reference amount is covered by the recommended daily dose. More than 100% is usually unnecessary. It can even be a little less – after all, you also eat something.

Many products even contain 200 percent or more of the reference quantity. You have to refer to the maximum amount recommendations by your doctor in this regard. Products that adhere to certain recommendations and are taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions are safe for you.