Healthy Living: Sleeping and its Benefits

Sleeping and its benefits are important for your overall health. The need and benefits of sleep are obvious. You may think you are healthy than the rest. But if you are not having the quality of sleep recommended for your body, you may want to rethink if you are truly healthy.

Do you have any of the following symptoms on a daily basis?

  • Somehow easy to get tired
  • Feel stressed
  • Easy to eat
  • Frustrated by trivial things
  • I can’t stay focused
  • Distracted

These are typical early symptoms of lack of sleep. Lack of sleep not only increases the risk of getting diseases, but it can also lead to the progression of the disease without being aware of it.

Sleeping and its Benefits

Fatigue recovery

The typical effect of sleep is to relieve fatigue both physically and mentally. In the rhythm of sleep, when the deeper sleep (REM sleep) is obtained, the cortisol level drop. This allows the release of growth hormone at an increased level. This promotes repair and recovery which is needed in theĀ metabolic activity in the body. The brain also rests and the autonomic nerves work properly, improving recovery and tolerance from stress. Since you can rest not only a part of your body but the whole body, you can approach the part where you do not have any subjective symptoms of fatigue.

Obesity prevention

Notice how many people who lack sleep are showing signs of obesity. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on fat burners, you may want to check your sleep habits. While natural fat burners like LeanBean could yield positive results, having enough rest is still the best way to go. How long does leanbean take to work? For LeanBean and other fat burners, it will take some time if you are not receiving enough rest.

By properly secreting hormones that control appetite prevents excess calorie intake and promotes the body’s metabolism. When you get enough sleep, hormones that promote energy metabolism work, which helps to maintain an ideal weight and prevent obesity.

Stress relief

Getting enough sleep will relieve fatigue in the brain, and adjusting the rhythm of the endocrine system will help relieve stress. When cortisol generated by stress becomes excessive, it causes brain atrophy that leads to depression and anxiety.

Improve skin quality

Growth hormone, which is secreted during sleep, is essential for improving skin reconstruction and thus leads to beautiful skin. The deepest sleep comes 20 to 30 minutes after falling asleep. Growth hormone is secreted during this time, and the skin is repaired and metabolized.

Memory retention

Sleep has the function of organizing experiences and emotions and fixing them in the brain as memory during deep sleep and create a rhythm that is fixed as memory in light sleep. Creating a sleep rhythm will help you get rid of unnecessary emotions and make full use of your memory.