What are medicinal mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms that are said to have health effects and that has been scientifically well researched.

There are over 1.5 million mushrooms on earth, 100,000 of which are large mushrooms. Several thousand of them are edible. But in terms of their effects and based on experiences from folk and naturopathy, there are a handful of mushrooms that stand out. They are said to have interesting effects, which are now gradually being scientifically confirmed.

Medicinal mushrooms for health – the benefits

From a therapeutic point of view, mushrooms contain a multitude of ingredients with enormous effects on our health. 40% of all active pharmaceutical ingredients come from mushrooms – among the best-known classes of antibiotics, immune-suppressants, and statins.

Studies show the enormous potential of mushrooms in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. The results are most impressive for cancer. Thus, people with cancer should buy magic mushrooms.

Dozens of studies in complementary cancer therapy show that mushroom extracts increase the response to chemotherapy, reduce side effects by up to 80%, improve quality of life, have an anti-tumor effect, and the chance of survival by up to 45% increase.

Other benefits of medicinal mushrooms

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Medicinal mushrooms have many health benefits that are being researched more and more scientifically. These are best known:

  • Due to their high content, mushrooms strengthen the immune system, have an antiviral and antibacterial effect and provide lasting protection against recurring infections.
  • Triterpenes (the essential oils of mushrooms) have a strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.
  • Some medicinal mushrooms are good tonics for the liver, intestines and kidneys and support autophagy. The detoxification of the body is promoted thereby.
  • The central nervous system is calmed by Reishi, Hericium and Cordyceps and at the same time, new nerve cells are formed.
  • Sleep is promoted – depending on the fungus, the duration of sleep, or the deep sleep phase. Reishi and Chaga are particularly worth mentioning here.
  • They lower blood pressure and raise blood sugar levels.
  • Lower high cholesterol levels.
  • Some mushrooms energize. They support the thyroid and adrenal glands and the production of energy in the mitochondria.

Each mushroom has its own characteristics and unique ways of using it.