Secure Needle Containers – Health

Safe disposal of syringes, needles, and other pointed and sharp objects in approved disposal containers

Used cannulas or disposable needles may authoritatively be discarded in needle boxes as residual waste. Any individual who does this ought to, in any case, cautiously check which individuals have access to the household trash bins they use. In many specialist workplaces, there are other residents, and surprisingly all passers-by when they are going to be emptied. Freely accessible, the instruments can immediately turn into a source of risk – regardless of whether they were gathered in puncture-proof containers.

In the event that the household waste doesn’t go directly to incineration yet is pre-arranged or treated, the disposal route of residual waste is even avoided in many spots. To stay away from injuries, the garbage disposal authorities then, at that point, specify that they work with a specialized garbage disposal company like REMONDIS Medison.

For practices and nursing administrations, yet in addition for private people who inject antithrombotic drugs or diabetes medication at home, the main concern ought to be to prohibit unnecessary health risks for them and others. You are erring on the safe side with certified waste canisters that are directly disposed of for legitimate destruction in incineration plants.


For needles, cannulas, syringes, and so on: use puncture-proof and break-proof needle containers

Correspondence 18 of the Federal/State Working Group on Waste (LAGA), which is applicable for the removal of pointed and sharp articles, recommends the restrictive utilization of puncture-proof and break-proof disposable containers. The following might be gathered in these disposal containers, otherwise called needle disposal or sharps containers or the cannula disposal containers:

  • Syringes
  • Disposable syringes or disposable syringes
  • Needles of syringes and infusion systems
  • Needles and hypodermic needles, e.g. B. diabetes needles, insulin needles, pen needles
  • Acupuncture needles
  • Lancets
  • Scalpels
  • Surgical wires
  • More pointed and sharp instruments

Tragically, by and by, we repeatedly go over across collection containers that are not planned for use, for example, empty fabric softener bottles for storing old needles. These can be opened once more, are not vulnerable, have no stripping device to eliminate cannulas from needles or surgical tool edges – and are in this manner undependable from injury. All things considered, for you, your representatives, and your kindred people, depend on safe disposal containers that have been tried as per DIN EN ISO 23907 for your sharp or sharp medical clinic or practice waste.

The Committee for Biological Agents (ABAS) specifies in its Technical Rule 250 that the needles should be gathered in the syringe container immediately after use. It is in this way advisable to situate the containers as close as possible to the place of utilization. Containers with needles, syringes, or cannulas should not be refilled, arranged, or pretreated because good health is essential in our daily lifestyle.