Why Visceral Fat Is Unhealthy

Too much belly fat is not only unaesthetic for many, it also poses high health risks. You therefore not only say goodbye to the unwanted lifebelt, but also want to reduce visceral belly fat.

Why is visceral belly fat harmful

Too much abdominal visceral fat is harmful. The fat stored inside the abdomen is very metabolically active. Visceral fat releases fatty acids, secretes inflammatory messengers and releases hormones. Organs such as the liver or pancreas can be impaired in their work. All of this can lead to an increased risk of chronic diseases.

The blood pressure and blood lipid levels can increase, and the blood sugar level shifts into an unhealthy range. All of this promotes diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. It is considered a metabolic syndrome by medical professionals.

In the long term, even heart attacks, strokes or developing certain types of cancer can be serious consequences.

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Where does unhealthy belly fat come from?

There can be a variety of causes for visceral fat. One of the possible causes is stress. For your body, stress is a signal of distress and survival. The body responds by accumulating as much fat as possible to use in bad times. But an unhealthy lifestyle, which is reflected in too little exercise and poor nutrition, can also lead to an increased proportion of unhealthy abdominal fat.

A first warning sign of too much visceral fat is waist size. If it is too large, this indicates fat deposits in the abdomen and on the internal organs.

How is visceral fat broken down?

Several factors are helpful.

  • Endurance sports mixed with exercises such as burpees or sit-ups
  • Healthy diet, such as the intake of soluble fiber, reduced alcohol consumption and high-protein and low-sugar foods
  • Adequate sleep and a good night’s sleep
  • The reduction of stress

Unfortunately, belly fat is formed very quickly, but you can get rid of it just as quickly. Because it is very metabolically active, the body breaks down this fat first when it needs energy.