Are There Affordable Dental Implant Treatments in Other Countries?

The cost of dental implant treatments varies, as it depends on the dental condition of a patient and the procedure being considered as solution to the problem. Although many think that just like any cosmetic surgery, affordable cosmetic dentistry also depends on the location.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, many took to travelling abroad to seek for cheaper dental implant treatments in countries Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, and Costa Rica, as the prices per tooth started at less that $1,000. However, one should still compare and analyze prices and not just accept the recommendations given by promoters of medical tourism.

Bear in mind that whatever money saved on the cost of the dental implant treatment will only be spent on the cost of travel and expensive hospital stays. Besides, the value of one US Dollar in the said countries equates to a low foreign exchange value that makes the local price look cheaper. One thousand US dollars in Mexico is actually equivalent to around 20,000 Mexican Pesos

In the same way, the cost of dental implant treatments are not too different in the US and Australia.

Comparing Cost of Dental Implants in Australia and the US

The Australian Dental Industry states that the final cost of dental implants in Australian territories and states range from around US$3,750 to US$8,000, with the actual price quotation dependent on what has been decided as the patient’s required treatment.

On the other hand, teeth implants in the US cost $3,500 to $4.000 per tooth including the crown and abutment. The total costs is likewise dependent on the kind of dental implant replacement that can best solve the dental health problem of a patient.

According to the American Dental Association, the main barrier to acquiring essential care in the country is the difficulty of being able to afford a needed dental treatment. Getting a dental implant treatment can be very expensive, which is why in ordinary cases, patients choose the cheaper kind of treatment that are less effective and will last only for a short term.

A High Quality Cheap Dental Implant is Next to Impossible

Finding a high quality, cheap dental implant is next to impossible because the materials and procedures involved in fitting an implant are very expensive. The patient will be paying for the skill and quality of training of a professional oral surgeon, as well as the high-quality materials that will be used which last for decades or even a lifetime.

Important Things to Remember When Comparing Price Quotations

When comparing quotes, make sure they are price quotations based on a surgeon’s examination of the patient’s problem and requirements. Only a dentist that has thoroughly examined the mouth and dental condition of the patient can give a detailed and reliable cost estimate.

In case a dental clinic quotes a price for a complete package, make it a point to ask what are included. It is possible that price quotes for affordable dental implants include only the bare minimum, notwithstanding that there are several additional costs needed for dental implants.

Below are some of the the things to check out before agreeing to the total costs of a dental implant replacement:

  • Radiography i.g. scans and x-rays;
  • Consultations;
  • Dental impressions;
  • Anaesthesia;
  • Materials for the crown, implant, and abutment;
  • Preparatory and final surgeries;
  • Follow-up visits;
  • Recovery support; and
  • Medication e.g. painkillers, antibiotics, etc.