Has the Quest for a Permanent Weight Loss Solution Ended?

Previous scientific studies have concluded that the rationale behind weight gain is as simple as habitually taking in more energy than the body actually uses. However, there is also evidence that genetics can also cause hard-to-treat overweight and obesity disorders. Yet genetics cannot be the main reason why there has been an explosion of overweight and obese conditions in the US during the past two decades. Recently though, the weight loss supplement market introduced a new product offering a permanent solution to such problems.


What has become clear in recent studies is that obesity is the result of a multi-factorial combination of behavior, genetics, and environmental conditions. That is why thousands and not just hundreds of weight-loss diets, supplements, devices, and potions offered as weight loss treatment somehow failed to provide long-lasting, if not permanent solutions.

Researchers are in fact encouraging overweight and obese individuals to identify treatment and adopt a strategy to maintain permanent weight loss achievements.

The attribution to environmental conditions pertains to factors that promote less physical activity, whilst encouraging food consumption at levels that produce energy that the body will only store as there is a relatively lower demand for energy expenditure. These factors make it more difficult to adopt weight-management strategies that can help achieve successful weight loss maintenance.

Historically and statistically, there is only about one (1%) to three (3%) percent of overweight and obese individuals who succeeded in losing weight permanently (Wadden et al. 1989 and Andersen et al.1988.)

A Cursory Look at a New Weight Loss Supplement Promising Permanent Results

A nascent weight loss supplement called Exipure came out in October 2021, with a promise of helping those who are looking to maintain a certain weight or lose weight on a more permanent basis. Its formulation consists mainly of natural ingredients, namely: Perilla herb, Tulsi or Holy Basil, Panax a.k.a. White Korean Ginseng, Phellodendron or Amur Cork Bark, Kudzu Root, Propolis, Quercetin plant pigment, and Oleuropein, an olive oil component.


According to the formulators of these natural ingredients, Dr. Lam and Dr. James Wilkins, the main goal of the Exipure supplement is to increase the levels of brown adipose tissues (BAT) in the body. Inasmuch as BAT is capable of burning calories at a rate that is three hundred times faster than the calorie-burning ability of normal white fat or White Adipose Tissues (WAT), high levels of BAT can also convert into energy the fats stored in WATs.

As studies show that individuals with high levels of BAT stored in the body are skinnier, exipure reviews confirm that taking Exipure supplements to boost or maintain high BAT levels, despite genetic or environmental influences can help prevent the storage of excess fat. Still, engagement in physical activities or engagement in exercise is still necessary to initiate energy expenditure.